How it works: The BEST iQ Blower System™
with Guaranteed Performance System (GPS) Technology

Engaging the GPS Technology is as simple as pushing the calibration button located on the range hood control panel. This signals the iQ Blower to run so feedback from the duct system can be acquired and analyzed. When the indicator light goes out, calibration is complete and the system will operate at the rated CFM.

If the calibration indicator light flashes, it is a warning that a problem exists in the ducting system. This warning notice allows the installer an opportunity to check and correct for air flow blockages within the system. Blockages can include jammed damper flaps, bad transitions, or crushed or poorly sized ducting. The installer can correct the problem and then run the calibration sequence again. Hence, for the first time ever, you can ensure that the range hood system is operating at the rated CFM and will continue to operate at the optimal level. A range hood can be re-calibrated at any time, if the homeowner wishes.

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