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The BEST® iQ Blower System™ provides the quietest, best performing range hood design in the market. How does it do this?

  • The iQ Blower is up to 2X quieter than competitive blowers – even when installed in a range hood! iQ technology makes BEST range hoods the quietest in their class – at any speed, and that makes family conversations possible.
  • The iQ Blower is up to 30% faster than the competition at removing smoke and odors, keeping your kitchen fresher, cleaner and more comfortable while you prepare the meal.
  • The iQ Blower is up to 22X more energy efficient than competitor’s high performance range hoods – using less energy, providing savings on your utility bill and giving you a longer lasting product.

See our video that shows the fastest smoke removal against the competition!

For detailed information on how these tests were conducted, please click here.

Nothing surpasses BEST® iQ blowers in performance, sound and energy use.

There are great advantages to the iQ Blower System™ that make your life more comfortable and ensure confidence in the operation and effectiveness of your BEST range hood. Standard range hoods lose performance due to the home’s duct system which reduces the speed of smoke and cooking odor removal. iQ blowers with GPS calibration enable up to 30% faster smoke removal. For the first time, a range hood delivers the performance you expected—and paid for.

Hear the differenceClear the air faster
Energy savings add up quickly

Flexible operation in three modes.

State-of-the-art iQ technology offers operational flexibility based on your unique installation. Whether optimizing duct runs in a new home or dealing with the challenges of an existing installation, the iQ blower delivers impressive performance, regardless of the mode in which you use it. Here’s how:

  1. Full-rated Performance from the iQ Blower System™ is assured with Guaranteed Performance System (GPS) technology and the use of specified duct sizes. The hood self-calibrates to the installation at the push of a button. From there, the blower goes to work ensuring optimal CFM is achieved and meets the ratings specified.
  2. Peak Performance in restricted or limited duct installations is possible with the use of GPS. If the duct system design requires smaller sizes than recommended, iQ takes into account the duct restrictions and calibrates to the highest (peak) CFM possible. That means the performance level achieved is significantly greater than that of standard hoods without the iQ System. The iQ blower can be recalibrated at any time to ensure the range hood is delivering the performance you expect.
  3. Standard Performance enables you to install and use the range hood at factory settings. This delivers the performance found in our standard high pressure blowers which have led the industry for decades.
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