BEST® offers the broadest choice in design and performance options.

BEST® is known for using Italian design to inspire our wide variety of range hood styles, but we haven’t forgotten about the heart of the matter. BEST now offers more choices to ensure you have the power and performance your cooking style demands. Our high-pressure blowers have always been our standard to provide exceptional performance for the life of the range hood. With the introduction of the iQ Blower System™, we’ve reached into the future to bring you performance that makes all the difference.

You told us what you wanted in a range hood and we were inspired. Your concerns were about noise, smoke and odor removal, and energy efficiency. We addressed all three and created the first blower system that’s intelligent and quiet. The BEST iQ Blower System™—the most significant change in blower technology in decades.

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Product featuring this symbol are available with iQ Blower System™ technology. To see demonstrations and learn more about the iQ Blower System™, visit one of these links:

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